Online Classes

The classes are cohort style--meaning small groups of participants (no more than 10) will gather in a private Facebook group to participate in discussions, lessons, question and answer, videos, exercises, a Reiki healing and a live reading. The class will be a small group of like-minded people learning and sharing together. 

The beauty of the online format is that you can drop in on the class, listen, watch, and participate at the point in your day that is best for you. We won't have set times for meeting, but instead you can check in once, twice, or five times throughout the day for lessons, discussions, questions, exercises, and more. Anyone can participate from any location! Check out the class listings below. 

To sign up for a class, send me an email at For information on future class offerings and dates, sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page.


Developing Your Psychic Abilities

CLASS DATES: August 1 to August 22, 2017
CLASS TOPICS: discovering your unique abilities, psychic work vs. mediumship, the afterlife, the different psychic senses, tools for transmission of information, psychometry, auras, ethics, the classic and universal formula for psychic development, and more


Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides

CLASS DATES: September 5 to September 19, 2017
CLASS TOPICS: understanding your abilities, understanding angels vs. spirit guides vs. loved ones, tools for transmission, coming up with a shared language with your guides, connecting with your angels and guides, and more


Connecting to Heaven and the Universe

CLASS DATES: September 26 to October 10, 2017
CLASS TOPICS: who are you, who am I, who/what is God, fate vs. free will, the power of intention, the afterlife, the true nature of God/Spirit/Him/That, connecting with heaven on your own, finding communities for support and connection, what keeps you from God, loving yourself, divine love, universally agreed upon attributes of God, and more


Introduction to Meditation

CLASS DATES: November 1 to November 8, 2017
CLASS TOPICS: what is meditation, how do we do it, different techniques, different teachers, and more


To sign up for a class, send me an email at