past life regression

90 minutes for $140

individual sessions and classes offered in Overland Park, Kansas


When we can let go of our conscious state through hypnotherapy, our subconscious can come forward and connect us to our past experiences in other lifetimes. This journey of discovery will have you awake in a dream-like state the entire time. Patterns in relationships, likes and dislikes, and love and understanding come from these enlightening sessions. 

Clinical hypnosis is an uncovering of the subconscious layers of our soul. In our daily lives, our conscious mind is what we are aware of in our thought process; our subconscious, however, is guided by a longer history of the self that spans over lifetimes. Past life regression allows us to put our conscious mind aside 

Your session begins with a discussion of intentions and expectations, followed by 45 to 60 minutes of hypnosis.

Brittany is trained in heart-centered hypnotherapy and past life regression through The Wellness Institute circa 2008. This same program is used for counselors and therapists in their sessions with mental health clients.

To book a past life regression session or find out about upcoming group classes, go to Lotus Yoga for more information and booking.