PSyChic Reading

$75 for 30 minutes - $140 for 60 minutes

If you are wanting to dive into your life and get all of the broken parts working again, then a psychic reading is great for you. You'll bring your questions and concerns forward--about your job, your relationships, your life problems--and we will tackle them one by one. I'll relay psychic information about the blocks and beliefs that are keeping you feeling stuck or in pain. Together, we'll figure out the best recourse for you to get unstuck and create the life you want. This is a process that can feel like therapy in fast forward. We get further faster because my psychic abilities let me tap into the wisdom of the situation to know why your life isn't working the way you'd like and how we can get you to a better place much more quickly. This is great for understanding career, relationship, and life patterns that aren't serving you! 

When you get a reading from me, I honor your soul's path and will not make judgments. If you are confronted with important decisions, I will arm you with as much information as possible, all so that you can make the best decisions possible for the life you want to create. My intention is to relay to you all that is revealed through my gift to empower you in moving forward.

The most common topics of interest are:

  • Relationships (family and romantic)
  • Career
  • Life purpose
  • Health
  • Spiritual topics (angels, afterlife, etc.)


All of Brittany's services are intended to enlighten, empower, and inspire you to achieve your best life possible. None of her services are a suitable replacement for professional help from a physician, attorney, counselor, or any mental health services. Brittany Verrette will not be held responsible for any actions you decide to take based on your session.