I love my clients! I love my job because I get to meet the most incredible people from all over the world. They trust me to share in their joys and sorrows, and together with the guidance of the angels we heal and grow. Here is a gathering of things clients have said about their experiences with me over the years.

All testimonials have been voluntarily submitted and are completely unedited. To submit your own testimonial, scroll to the bottom of this page to fill out the form. If you prefer that your real name is not used, please indicate that and I will respect your wishes. In addition to these testimonials, you can read my reviews on the Best Psychic Directory where I've been recognized as the top-rated psychic in Kansas. 

"I had a reading with Brittany about a year ago, last spring. I was very down because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue medicine. I had failed my board exam and have been looking for jobs to no avail. She told me that I would be working in July and that I would become successful in the healthcare field teaching and making a difference in a managerial position. Just recently, I received a job offer from Cerner and my start date is in July! Thank you Brittany for giving me the peace of mind and helping me look forward to something that I never thought would happen. I would definitely recommend her! She is wonderful, friendly and super accurate."
-Mari, Kansas

"I have had readings for more than 30 years, in person, over the phone or at metaphysical events. She is one of the best I have ever experienced. I totally recommend her to my friends and family."
-Joyce, Colorado

"I was feeling a sense of hopeless anxiety with my relationship and was having trust issues that were preventing me from keeping my heart open to my boyfriend. Brittany's reading helped me to move forward and subsequently I was able to be honest about my thoughts and vulnerabilities. My boyfriend confirmed his own feelings that I was unaware of before my reading... exactly how Brittany communicated with me. After being open and honest with each other we're both committed to starting anew and are stronger than ever. Thank you, Brittany."
-Katie, Colorado

"I have never spoken with a medium before but always wanted to. I had my first reading with Brittany over the phone and she definitely floored me on how much she knew. I lost my grandfather in 2004, I was able to get answers from him through Brittany and it was a life changing experience for me. She told me things only my grandfather and I would know. Brittany gave me confirmation On a big move for me. She made me feel so comfortable talking to her. She is a very caring and gifted women and what she does is genuine. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the rest of my life for what you do for people. I will definitely be a returning customer. Thanks again Brittany!!"
-Kelcie, Kansas

"I recently lost my husband after 42 years of marriage. I was devastated. Brittany helped me immensely by connecting my husband to me. She is wonderful and sweet. I think God I found her she is truly a blessing."
-Joanne, Pennsylvania

"Brittany has an incredible gift for connecting with your higher and to those that have passed on. I felt goose bumps as she gave me life changing information about where and why the best places are for me to live, I had been at a crossroads and she confirmed what my intuition had been telling me about my current situation. She is accurate, precise and will give direct answers to your questions, there is no ambiguity or vagueness. It was the best reading I have had and I am also still reeling from the contact she made with my brother who has passed on. The message was definitely from him and it really affirmed my belief in the afterlife, Thank you so much Brittany, you have helped me so much."
-Julie, Ireland

"Appreciated my compassionate reading with Brittany. Through her I have been able to have peace and move on to the next chapter in life. She also took the time to explain more about the process and her gift....skepticism be gone."
-Deb, Colorado

"Brittany was so helpful is finding closure to a recent loss. She also provided very insightful messages about the future. I was very pleased with my reading and felt comfortable with Brittany immediately. I highly recommend her to anyone and definitely plan on booking her again."
-Nicole, Colorado

"I met Brittany at a meetup group. She gave me a brief connection to lost ones. I was very skeptic of mediums and had said nothing about the people I wanted to connect with. But she described them so accurately, it was scary. Even captured their energy. As one example, I had said nothing about my father and she said she saw a man very animated, jumping around and watching tv, alone. One of my favorite memories of him was how he would watch boxing and jump all over the place, boxing the air along with the fighters on tv. He always watched it alone, the rest of the family would go watch another program in the other room. How could someone know that specifically about a person? Especially when I said I just wanted to connect with some people I had lost. And that was one of the first things that she said she saw. I am definitely going back to her for a phone reading!"
-Melissa, Colorado

"I was introduced to Brittany through a friend who had lost a child and had had a wonderful reading with her. I was so impressed at how incredibly accurate she was connecting me to my love ones. She told me specific things no one else could possibly know. I returned to her when I needed guidance about challenges I was facing currently in life and she helped immensely. I've introduced a friend to her and she now contacts her as well to help give guidance. Very, very happy I've discovered her!"
-Stephanie, California

"Brittany is an extraordinary psychic.  She gave me the most accurate reading I have ever had. From the very first second, Brittany absorbed everything I had to say and answered all of my questions quickly and thoroughly - all the while feeling like we were old friends, sitting at the kitchen table, having a coffee. If you are looking for direction or verification, go no further and give Brittany a call - she will not disappoint you!"
-Elaine, New York

"Brittany, thank you for the wonderful reading. The insight that you provided into the situation that I am facing was immensely helpful, and your gentle demeanor was both reassuring and comforting. I am happy to know that my loved ones on the other side are happy, and the details that you used to described my grandmother were spot on. I have always had an interest in my spirit guides and life purpose, and I feel as though you have given me a lot to think about. Thank you for providing me with information on how I can grow as an individual. I will definitely be scheduling another reading soon!" 
-Anonymous, New York

"I have been reading with Brit for 6 years and feel as if she's my go-to friend when my life is upside down and seeking answers to ease my mind. She has literally astonished me time and time again with readings so accurate, she actually quotes the person verbatim as to what they're thinking. Something so unique as hearing, "see you on the flip-side" - a catch phrase an ex used to say all the time. She's dead-on accurate. And while I know this, I'm always floored when I hear the words repeated exactly as she heard them. It's utterly uncanny. It's not uncommon for her to reach out to me via email to say, "I've been thinking about you today" - on days where I'm actually thinking about reaching out to HER because I have a heavy heart. We are highly in-tuned. Brit tells the truth - good or bad, but never in a hurtful or harmful way. She's has grace and helps me retain my dignity. When she understands a blow is about to come, she'll preface it with "I'm sorry Cat but..." She understands that hearing the good, bad and the ugly is the only way I can fully grasp what's truly happening and will gently warn me to protect my heart or be there to celebrate my successes. A simple, "Relax, he likes you - don't over think it" puts me at instant ease and when he calls she's say "I told you..he likes you. Enjoy this!" I've come to truly love this incredibly gifted and compassionate woman. How lucky am I that she shares her amazing gifts with me. Truly inspiring me to find "peace within."
-Cat, New York

"I have been talking to Brittany for a very long time. She really is the only person I truly trust and want to consult on anything that is important to me. I feel like the understanding and insight she shares with me has really provided some solid ground to move forward. It is like she has given me a stronger sense of self. My readings with her are warm and generous and a blessing. Situations, possible outcomes, what people are thinking/feeling, pets, loved ones that have passed, addressing personal growth. She does it all and is wonderful!"
-Mona, California

"I was given a gift from a dear friend as a wedding gift to figure out some struggles I was having with family. It was the best gift I received. Not only because it was the start of the healing I needed, but also because it brought someone into my life that I needed, Brittany. It has been a blessing to meet someone who has the ability to communicate others' perspectives. It gave me the start to let go of anger and focus on new, positive changes. A new family to begin! I now give readings as gifts to friends or people that could use a little wisdom from Brittany to help guide their souls. I can say no one has been disappointed! I am so grateful for my peace...and it started with a reading with Brittany!"
-Olivia, New York

 "I first met Brittany a few years ago at a Mind, Body, Spirit Expo. Since then, I've experienced many (many) internal and external changes. Some to my liking; others, not so much. I've always been able to talk to Brittany and receive clarity to help me traverse whatever it is I may be going through. The information and guidance that comes through Brittany has always been very consistent and she delivers it in the most loving and compassionate ways. I'm quite stubborn and sometimes I don't want to face reality. So it may take me a few times to fall down before things "click" for me. Other times, I want what I want and I want it now! Lol So of the many things that I love most about Brittany and my readings with her is that I can ask her the same questions over and over again (in different readings) and she doesn't judge me or make me feel like I'm a crazy person for dwelling on situations that are not in my best interest. Messages and guidance that I have received through my readings with Brittany have been delivered quite accurately. There were even a couple of times I asked her questions through e-mail and the response I received was right on. As the situation I asked about (in my e-mails to Brittany) unfolded, the e-mail responses she shared proved to be right. Brittany is one of the very few gifted mediums I trust and feel safe being vulnerable with. Her genuine spirit and loving personality make the experience all the more enjoyable and I recommend her to everyone I know who is open to experiencing a mediumship or an akashic record reading."  
-Adrianna, Illinois

"Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my reading with you...The most interesting thing you said to me was that you were told by the guides that I underscore the contribution I make/have made as a mother in loving and raising my children. I had been struggling with what my purpose is and how what I can do to make and impact or contribution to society. Your exact words through the guides were "if you never do another thing you have already done more than enough to contribute to the world by raising your children." That was a very meaningful thing for me to hear. What I didn't tell you is 2 days earlier I was telling my mother I was in search for something meaningful to do with my time and my mother said the exact same thing to me...
I would definitely like to schedule another reading with you as I had a several questions we didn't get to because the time flew!! Thank you for sharing your gift and for making it affordable(unlike many other gifted mediums)!"
-Kelly, Ohio

"I have met and used Brittany in the past. She is incredible and a medium. Keep in mind if you do a reading, it’s never recommended to look into the future, since we have free will on earth (and the direction and paths we take can always change). However, we have a past and the present. There is so much to learn about your soul that is riding in your body (it’s vehicle). I highly recommend Brittany. Even if you call for a short time. She has helped me in many ways in understanding aspects of my life, so I can have a better understanding in improving my quality of life. I have learned how to cope with problems from the insights that Brittany provided. It has been my therapy/counseling and I swear by it. I will always remember my first session with her and how I could not stop the tears running down my face. It was such a spiritual experience. It was so inspiring and I felt so touched and loved. It has planted a seed in my life that continues to grow. A seed of understanding of who I am and how I can approve my time here on earth. It was nice to know and to confirm thoughts or ideas that I always had in my head was my inner self talking to me. I have learned to listen to my voice. Brittany can tap into anything and she hits the nail on the head every time. Mention one thing that is small, that most people wouldn’t know about, and she is all over it. I wanted to write this because I am so glad to know I have someone reliable with this special gift that I can call. I feel like I am a better person because of the light she was able to shed in my life. Thank you Brittany!"
-Norka, Kentucky

"I had a reading with Brittany at an expo in Chicago recently and she shared insights into my boyfriend that were very helpful in understanding him and why we have had such a long break. She saw us getting back together and saw a full commitment coming too. I thought Brittany was on target and accurate with what she saw and felt. I look forward to getting updates from her soon! Thank you Brittany!"
-Judi, Illinois

"I met Brittany several months ago at a party being held by a friend. I was very impressed that she picked up my father's vibration right away and relayed messages from him. I knew for a fact that she was not making anything up because she told me quite a few things that only my father and I would know. Since that time, we have had a few phone readings. The thing that I truly like about Brittany is that she tells you the truth as she sees it...not what you want to hear, but what she truly sees. I have appreciated her honesty and insight greatly. Brittany has a very caring nature and very much wants to help in any matter that you are dealing with at the moment. I also was very impressed that she remembered previous readings and wanted to know if things had worked out as she saw. She is a very gifted psychic and medium."
-Pam, Indiana

"First, thank you so much for sharing your time and gift with my daughter and me. We both enjoyed meeting you and you gave each of us a great deal to think about at the time and since. I have to tell you that my rescue dog has been like another being since I got home on Saturday. When I got home, he gave me kisses, which never happens, and stayed unusually close the rest of the day. He has also been laying down close to his “brother”(my other Papillon) – they don’t snuggle yet, but the proximity is getting closer. The barking outside is substantially less than before and he comes (for the most part) when he’s called, and he doesn’t pull as much when I take them for walks. While I think he still sort of looks at me as a roommate, I may have graduated to roommate with potential. Progress is good! I think he finally gets it that he’s home, so your conversation with him on Saturday appears to have done both of us a world of good – thank you!"
-Diane, Illinois

"First off let me just say that many people who claim to be mediums are just scam artists looking to make a buck. However I am very open minded when it comes to spirituality, etc. During Halloween weekend of 2009 they had some sort of spiritual healing/ expo going on in my home town. I knew I was going to get a reading, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't wasting my money, so I sat in and listened to Brittany speaking to the person in line before me, and for some reason I decided to go to her for my reading. what I liked about it at first was:
1. She didn't use tarot cards, or some crystal ball
2. She didn't ask me any questions
3. All i did was ask her questions, and I was very vague at first to sort of test her abilities.
4. Every question I asked her she answered very specific.
I asked her about things I had been thinking or feeling for the past 2 years and had never told anyone, and when I asked her about these things she didn't ask me to elaborate, and her responses weren't vague. She told me all of these things without asking me any details, or any questions at all, and she was so specific, and accurate, and I hadn't even told her my name. Since then I have talked to her several times on the phone, and had a few of my friends & family members talk to her as well. She has helped me with personal problems, legal matters, family matters, and I've also communicated with people who are deceased, such as my grandfather, and a close family friend."
-Christopher, Indiana

"Thank you so much for the reading yesterday. My favorite part of the reading was communicating with my mom and dad [who have passed on]. After speaking with you I remember that day they were referring to when they were touched by my actions. As I went to the cemetery on Mother's day and placed peachy/pink roses (like you mentioned!!) on her grave and on my father's grave. I was the only one from my family to go that day and feel they were watching me that day, which is wonderful and comforting!! Your reading with them was great and every part was SPOT ON. I can't wait for Sept/Oct to see what that brings!!! I only wish that I had given the whole reading just talking to them and should have spoken for a hour. I would love to know more from them!!! All I can say is WOW!"
-Gloria, Illinois

"I met Brittany at a psychic fair in Ohio. I have been to quite a few psychics but I've never talked to anyone who passed. I had a very good friend die of a heroin overdose about a year and a half ago and it was very unexpected. Brittany helped me connect with him and at the very least let me know he was okay. She let me know some facts about his death that made me feel alot better about the situation. I think Brittany is one of the most talented psychics I've run into, and I look forward to getting another reading from her in the future! Thanks Brittany, your reading meant alot to me!"
-Lynn, Ohio

"Brittany is AMAZING! Recently I volunteered for "Mercy For Animals" at Chicago's Body Mind Spirit Expo. There were so many mediums at the expo and I was afraid I'd choose one that was not "legitimate". Trusting my intuition, I decided to walk through the expo and get a feel for the mediums that were there. Which ever medium I intuitively felt most drawn to is the one I chose, and that was Brittany. Before even speaking with her, I could feel and sense her authenticity. Brittany was able to provide me with clarity and answers to many areas of my life (and I didn't provide her with any information for her to draw from...she just asked my name and that was it). She was honest, accurate, genuine and sincere. It comforts me to know that I now have someone to turn to when I need clarity and spiritual guidance. I look forward to spending more time with Brittany because my list of ever increasing questions is growing! :)"
-Adrianna, Illinois

"Every reading I have with Brittany brings peace and reassurance to my life. She will answer any questions you have truthfully and without judgment. Brittany explains the whole experience before hand and makes you feel welcome and comfortable whether it is your first reading or your hundredth!"
-Kristina, Illinois

"Brittany is truly a contribution to others. She has the ability to put first time clients at ease as well as give detailed revelations that resonate with her clients' spiritual path. On a personal note, her readings correlated with my life. I felt as if I understood the "why" I am the way I am. I now have a renewed sense of direction and validation that my steps in life have been accurate. I will definitely contact her again!"
-Robin, New Jersey

"I decided to visit Brittany because of the amazing reviews I heard about her mediumship. At first I was nervous but I connected with Brittany right away, and instantly felt at ease discussing a wide range of topics. I love that Brittany didn't sugar-coat the truth, and gave me great insight on the issues I was facing. I went into the reading very confused and had a lot of unresolved questions in my life, but Brittany really gave me some incredible insight helped me to understand how to resolve some of the issues I was facing. I love the advice I received and look forward to experiencing Brittany's gift again in my next reading."
-Barbara, Illinois

"I met Brittany at a sound healers conference. I had never consulted a psychic before, but I felt drawn to her. We spoke about concerns I had about my son, and what she had to say was amazing. I think that on some level, I already knew everything that she told me, but the way she presented it was so reassuring. She really helped me dissolve a lot of lingering guilt and anger. I felt 100 pounds lighter when I walked away--like a rock lifted off of my back. She is amazing."
-Connie, Kentucky

"I met Brittany at the Conscious Christmas Festival 2009. All I can say is AMAZING! When I saw that she and I had similar rosaries, I JUST KNEW I was talking with the right medium! Brittany is most definitely a lightworker doing the work of God. I am an artist and I love everything artistic. As a result, though, I have problems with being focused. Brittany's reading helped me to not only see where I needed to focus my energies, but she also told me what I needed to do and how I needed to do it to manifest the plan that God has for me. Also, I have had some major upheaval in my life. I have experienced incest as a child and domestic violence as an adult. I've had extensive psychotherapy, but unfortunately I bought into the belief I that I didn't have any help for many years and I felt very disconnected from God. After reading books on angels, saints, spirits and guides, I've altered this negative thinking tremendously in the past year. However, I walked away from Brittany's reading feeling even stronger in the belief that I was not alone. Both then and a now, I have the help of God, my angels, spirits, saints and guides. Thank you very much Brittany! God bless you!"
-Paula, Illinois

"I have been going through some dramatic changes lately and have been contemplating life more so than ever before. Brittany was very soothing and calming. She has an amazing gift and I feel truly blessed to have crossed her path."
-Alexis, Nevada

"I have had several readings with Brittany and I have to say that she is an incredible psychic medium. She connected me with a very close friend of mine who had passed away in November of 2008. I had some unresolved issues and I felt like I never had the chance to say goodbye. Through Brittany’s mediumship, I was able to finally have closure and a deeper understanding about the circumstances of my friends passing. I felt so lucky to be able to experience this through Brittany. Her gift is astounding and her accuracy is amazing. She is truly an earth angel that walks with love, integrity, and honesty. She will always tell you what you need to hear and not just what you want to hear. I have come to deeply trust her guidance, as I know that she is connected with the lovely Archangel Michael and the information that she provides comes from God, the Divine Source. Thank you so much for all your love and guidance. I will definitely be calling again!!!"
-Tracy, Indiana

"I love talking to Brittany - her gifts are amazing. I connected with her right away and it was not awkward or uncomfortable. She doesn't sugar coat things, but is very kind and easy to speak to. She gave me interesting insight to my situation. I like her as a person and a psychic. Namaste and Thank you Brittany!"
-Liz, Colorado

"Truly gifted and amazing. What a kind soul/person. Really in tune with her gift and it is one of a kind. You wont regret calling her."
-Alexia, California

"She is accurate, kind, genuine, professional and caring! I absolutely love talking with her. She is very connected to Spirit and her readings are wonderful! She is the real thing!"
-Yamile, Texas

"I highly recommend this honest,caring, compassionate, truly psychic medium. Extraordinarily accurate to character, thoughts, feelings of the person(s) she is able to contact and delivers helpful insights in a clear, concise and quick manner. Thank you so much, Brittany!"
-Cathy, Oklahoma

“Getting a reading from Brittany is like talking to a wise friend and counselor who also has an incredible gift of insight...She not only clearly describes what she sees and hears through her mediumship, but translates it into advice about how to proceed to use that knowledge to begin to clear long held blocks and make positive life changes...I feel lucky to have met Brittany and had the chance to experience her gift and I am already looking forward to my next reading!”
-Carly, California

“I admit, I had my doubts and fears because I consider myself someone who is strong in their faith and religion as a Catholic. I called not looking for any one thing in specific. I am not someone who is trying to fill a void. I called because I was curious to know what would come forward. It was like Brittany hit the nail on the head with the individuals I asked about. It was truly amazing. It blew my mind. It helped me have a better understanding of people I knew; where they are coming from and how I can improve our relationships in understanding more about them. I was moved and touched about some things she told me. I also asked about some things that happened in the past only to find out that people are trying to get messages through to me. It is something that I will never forget but makes me feel happy to know that I am so loved and protected. If in doubt, just do it. You have nothing to lose. You will be glad you did.”
-Norka, Indiana

“I talked with Brittany over the phone. She contacted my spirit guide and talked with my unconscious to help me figure out what I should do next at this crossroads in my life. I was amazed at how well a phone consultation worked. She is incredibly gifted and puts everything you need to hear in words from a fresh perspective; that perspective being a part of yourself or something connected to you. Because of this consultation, I am in the process of applying for new jobs and making positive changes in my life."
-Emily, Illinois

“I have to admit that I was more than a little skeptical about mediumship, but wanted to give it a try. I was very surprised by how much Brittany knew about my life without my telling her about it and by how accurate she was about many things. Overall, it was an interesting and fun experience that I would like to try again sometime.”
-Katie, Illinois

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